Rise Of The Gamer

Dear Earth

It’s Dangerous to go alone! Take this - Ichoronium

I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor

That's not my business

I don't want to rule or conquer anyone

I should like to help everyone leave earth, who wants to

Noobs, Sweats, Jews, Gentiles,

Blackman, White,

We as gamers all want to bring them to rage and slay one another

Gamers are like that

We want to live by each other's misery, not by each others victory

But we don't hate and despise one another

We know The Galaxy has room for everyone and Our Solar System is rich and can provide for the planet and for everyone,

The way of a Gamer's life can be paid, off world, free, and beautiful

But Gaming Studios and Titans have lost the way

Greed has poisoned powerful souls,

They have barricaded us in our living rooms broke with hate

They have goose-stepped Us into a freemium of misery and worthless game items, nfts and online bloodshed,

We developed rockets, for 50 years, but somehow we remain grounded

Electronics that gives mankind abundance of adventure and profits has left us gamers broke, earth bound and in want

Counter Strike and Dota 2 have made us cynical

Fortnights cleverness, sweaty and unkind

We game too much, are paid nothing, and feel too little

More than Counter Striking, We need unity to leave this planet

More than Fortnighting and cleverness, We need profit sharing, real life adventure, and interplanetary colonisation

Without Ichoronium in gaming and the world, Your life’s promises will continue to be penniless, and your asses bound to the couches of your living rooms

And earth can turn violent and our civilization could be lost

The Nintendo, Sega, Playstation and XBOX have brought us all closer together

The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in Gaming

Cries out to the sense of adventure, exploration, and goodness in us all

Right now my voice and technology stack will start reaching BILLIONS of Gamers throughout the world – billions of despairing streamers, men, women, and their little noobs.

Victims of an industry that has stolen our time minds and capital

Imprisoning innocent gamers to this planet and enslaving us to their networks

Gamers who are yearning for real life adventure

To those Gamers who will hear me this day, I say - DO NOT DESPAIR!

This misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of studios and tech titans who fear the way of losing their profits, power and our human progress

This Corporate Piggishness will pass, and these Networks and Their Games Will Die

The time and money they took from us gamers will return to us gamers

And so long as Humans game, humanity will leave this planet and never perish


Don't waste your money and time on these brutes

Studios and Titans who despise you - spy on you - enslave you - who regiment your lives - control you tell you what to do – what to play, how much to spend tell you what to feel!

Who drill you program you Track you Treat you like cattle, leave you broke AND USE YOU AS DATA FODDER!

Don't give yourselves to these unnatural games and greedy networks Clouds Of Greed with Machines of Hearts and Minds!

You are not their machines! You are not their Cattle! You are not their Data Fodder!

You are Gamers! You are Humans!

Your minds Are black holes for Science and Adventure It’s programmed in your very hearts and your souls!

STOP GAMING AND COMPUTING FOR FREE! Only the unloved and earthbound Game and compute for free the unloved, and the unnatural

Gamers Stop gaming for corporate bigotry! Today start gaming for leaving earth!

On the front page 2nd line of The Book Of Ichoronium it is written:

“Mankind's Power To Leave Earth is not in one company nor a group of companies, One country nor a group of countries, It’s in gamers.”


Let us use that power - LET US ALL UNITE! Let us game for a New World to live on and peaceful world to leave

That will give gamers a chance to explore and to do the work they love - And that will guarantee our children alive today, A future out amongst the real stars And us a security to spend our old age gaming in Space And colonising other planets

By abusing these human inventions and our love of these themes of adventure, exploration and gaming Gaming Studios and Tech Titans have risen to power!

They lie! They will not fulfil these promises And our dreams They never will! It’s them who, are leaving Earth themselves while planning on leaving the rest of us behind.

Now while we still have a chance! Let us play our favourite games to fulfil these promises!

Let us play our games to free and leave this world

To do away with national barriers - to do away with the greed, with the hate, with the poverty, with the hunger and intolerance

Let us game for a world of reason, a world where gaming and science will lead off world colonies and on earth all Humans happiness.


In the name of Ichoronium, let us all unite!